A periodic remote ping instance is represented as a logical instance of the RemotePing class.

MPLS Manager builds a data model of the RemotePing objects as they are configured through the Polling and Thresholds Console. Each RemotePing object is created with certain attributes and relationships, and can experience certain events.

Whenever an administrator configures a periodic remote ping, MPLS Manager creates a RemotePing object in its repository. MPLS Manager monitors the status of the RemotePing objects and performs impact analysis on the Layer 3 VPNs that are associated with the RemotePing objects.

MPLS Manager analyzes the ping responses and notifies the Global Manager when the number of failed pings within the configured polling interval meets or exceeds the value that is configured in the REMOTEPING.conf file. This file is described in the VMware Smart Assurance MPLS Manager Configuration Guide.