When uninstalling VMware Smart Assurance suites from the same server, the product suite that was installed first must be uninstalled last. During the installation of the first product suite, the VMware Smart Assurance Service Database is created and the other suites subsequently access it. Uninstalling the suite installed first will also uninstall the Service Database that will disable the sm_service command for those products, prevent their proper operation and uninstallation.

You can determine what product software was installed first by performing this check:

  1. Use a text editor to open the ic-serviced script.

    • For Solaris, ic-serviced is located in the /etc/init.d directory

      • For Linux, ic-serviced is located in the /etc/init.d directory

  2. Find the value of the SMHOME variable.

    The value of SMHOME indicates which suite was installed first.