When you run a utility to report the version number of the software, you will see both the version number for the product suite as well as the version number for the underlying foundation software. These two version numbers might differ.

To verify the version number and the bitness of the build, enter the following command from the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory:

         sm_server --version

This command should return the following information:

  • Operating system (OS) name on which the product is running and the OS version identifier.

  • Version number of the product suite.

  • Version number of the foundation (DMT) code, foundation build number, the date and time that the build was made as well as whether you have installed a 64-bit version of the software. If you installed the 64-bit version, you will see a “/64” after the foundation and the product suite version number.

    The “sm_server --version” output is the following:

    Operating System <Identifier>
    <Suite>: V<Number>(<InternalBuild>), <Date> 
    Copyright 1995-2012, VMware Corporation - Build <Build>
    Foundation V<Number>(<InternalBuild>), <Date>
    Copyright 1995-2012, VMware - Build <Build>

    For Multicast Manager, the output might look similar to:

    MCAST_SUITE: V8.1.0.0/64(115354), 29-Apr-2012 23:15:22 Copyright 1995-2012, VMware Corporation - Build 24
    Foundation V9.0.2.0/64(115322), 28-Apr-2012 14:52:06 Copyright 1995-2012, VMware Corporation - Build 15

    Be aware that product versions vary and do not always match the software foundation version number. For example, if you select the About from the Help menu in the Global Console, you may see a different number.