To disable FIPS 140:

  1. Replace the imk.dat, brokerConnect.conf, serverConnect.conf and clientConnect.conf files in the BASEDIR/local/conf folder, with the copies saved from prior to ““Enabling FIPS 140 mode on a new installation” on page 32”. If you do not have a copy of these files saved, contact Technical Support.

  2. Set the value for the SM_FIPS140 parameter to FALSE in the file. This file is located under BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/

  3. Restart all processes, such as the Broker, Domain Managers, SAM Global Manager, and Global Console.


    RPS files started under FIPS mode cannot be re-used in non-FIPS mode. Domains will need to be started either from scratch or pre-FIPS RPS files can be used in cases where topologies have not changed. Restoring from older RPS files may not be productive as it will not contain any recent topology.

    You do not need to remove the Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files.