The following device issues have been discovered with other releases. A resolution is included to address the issue, if available.

  • SNMP discovery is not supported on this device because the SNMPv1 agent appears to respond with only the system name,.

  • An account must be created on the host operating system with the same password as that used for the Zeus command line interpreter (zcli). This executable must be set as the shell for the account login. Implementation details are not contained in this document

  • Since the device runs as a service on a Linux, Solaris, or VMware-based operating system, account credentials cannot be managed. Support for the following commands was not available when the driver was developed:

    • Users.addUser

    • Users.changePassword

    • Users.deleteUser

    • Users.listUsers

  • Device file management, backup, and restore operations are not supported, due to the lack of sufficient support for HTTP POST operations in the current version of the product.

  • A device with an expired license key will fail discovery. This is due to the driver using show license to determine the license key in place of the normally blank hardware serial number.