The following existing device issues have been discovered within other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue:

  • Account name change is not supported by device. Only password can be changed.

  • Only WXC 500 device has been used for development/testing and other models were not tested for this release as they were not available.

  • An FTP login "emcftp" with password as "ftp@emc" must exist on the NCM device server for Push and Pull operation to work using FTP.

  • Pull and Push operation using TFTP could not be tested due to environmental restrictions.

  • Pull operation can be performed for startup and running configuration, but push operation can be performed only for running configuration.

  • During an operating system upgrade on Juniper WXC devices, if you choose only the Copy option to copy the operating system image and not the Install option, manually rebooting the device will automatically install the new operating system.

  • After upgrading the operating system on a Juniper WXC device, SNMP credentials must be set to match the SNMP credentials in NCM before performing a second upgrade.