The following information details existing device issues that have been discovered within other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Cisco Catalyst OS Switches - Auto Discovery SNMP

  • Issue: Auto Discovery with SNMP Credentials and Accounts, and Privilege Passwords may hang if the devices do not have names. For example: no name set on CAT OS Switches. Note that this may be prevalent in the CAT OS devices, due to the no name default setting on CAT OS Switches.

  • Resolution: Set the Name on the device. On CAT OS, use the set system name command in Enable mode.

    Cisco Catalyst 1900 - Serial Numbers not Displayed

  • Serial numbers for the CAT OS 1900 devices are not being displayed.

    Catalyst OS Switch 1900

  • After a hardware pull, using either SNMP or non-SNMP mechanisms, the Non-Volatile Memory information will not display. The device does not support the display of Non-Volatile Memory. This is a device limitation. Other memory information can be accessed using the SNMP mechanism.

    Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series

  • The OS version for 12.2(18)EW4 for the CAT 4000 series switch displays UNKNOWN for the feature set in the application.

    The device responds with UNKNOWN during an SNMP-GET.

    • For example: