Once the server installations are completed, you are ready to open Network Configuration Manager.




Type the URL that has been provided for your company. If you need assistance, contact your System Administrator for the server where the application was setup.

At the login screen, enter your username and password, then click Ok. The default username/password is sysadmin/sysadmin.


Ensure that Java Runtime is installed on your local machine.

Click the click here link to download and install the correct version.

When the installation of Java Runtime is finished, refresh your browser window. On the first execution of Network Configuration Manager, a security warning window appears.


Click Start. The Login window opens.


Continue to login by entering a User ID and Password (as described in the Network Configuration Manager Online User’s Guide).

To access the procedures in the Online User’s Guide:

  • From the Network Configuration Manager launch window, click Help on the tool bar, and select Help Contents from the drop-down menu. The Online User’s Guide displays.

  • From the Table of Contents, select Getting Started - Accessing Network Configuration Manager.

Click Logging in to Network Configuration Manager.