1. Delete lockb.ekey file from NCMBase/data directory. (AS or CS setup)

  2. Restart vcmaster services. (AS or CS setup)

    Linux: service vcmaster restart

  3. If Device server or RA is deployed in different machines, delete existing lockb.ekey file from NCMBase/data directory

  4. In Application Server m/c, add Device Server and RA hostnames to lockbox (lockb.clb) and copy it to respective machines under NCMBase/data directory.

    Add distributed system hosts to the lockbox using the cstdriver utility:

    ./cstdriver -lockbox [Product directory]\data\lockb.clb
    -passphrase <passphrase> -addHost <FQDN>
    ./cstdriver -lockbox [Product directory]\data\lockb.clb
    -passphrase <passphrase> -addHost <FQDN of Device server>
  5. Change permissions to root:cst (chown root:cst lockb.clb)

  6. Restart vcmaster services in Device Server m/c

    On the Device Server:

    Linux: service vcmaster restart