These steps are optional. The software prerequisites will be verified during a normal Network Configuration Manager installation.

A software prerequisite check verifies that the Network Configuration Manager software prerequisites are installed prior to installing Network Configuration Manager. These steps are strongly recommended.

To run the software prerequisites check script, follow these steps:




On the server where you want to install Network Configuration Manager software, log in with administrator privileges.


In the downloaded binary for the Network Configuration Manager product obtained from, navigate to the utils folder.


Type unzip to unzip the software prerequisite script, and press Enter.


Type perl <Server Type> to run the software prerequisite script, where <Server Type> is one of the values below.

  • CS for Combination server

  • AS for Application server

  • DS for Device server

  • DB for Database server

  • RSA for RSA Token server

If successful, the script exits displaying the results of prerequisites check. If one or more software prerequisites are missing or are the incorrect version, a message appears with instructions to fix the problems.