Once Network Configuration Manager has been fully upgraded to version 10.1.0, the privLevels.xml file can be updated to maintain your Network Configuration Manager settings. This file allows you to customize the default multi-level enable mode configuration of network devices that are managed by NCM. These steps are optional.


The Network Configuration Manager privLevels.xml file is located in the [Product Home]/package/pkgxml/privLevels.xml directory after upgrading to Network Configuration Manager 10.1.0.

To update the privLevels.xml file, follow these steps:




Log into the server as a user with administrative privileges.


Create a directory for the customized privLevels.xml file.

Type mkdir -p [Product Home]/custompackage/pkgxml, and then press Enter.


Copy the privLevels.xml to the new directory.

Type cp [Product Home]/package/pkgxml/privLevels.xml [Product Home]/custompackage/pkgxml/privLevels.xml, and then press Enter.


Use a text editor to edit the new Network Configuration Manager 10.1.0 version of the privLevels.xml file with the changes from the older Network Configuration Manager version of privLevels.xml.