The Contextual Launch Scripts for Smarts Manager must be installed on the Smarts Service Assurance Manager console.

Follow these steps to install the client for the adapter for Smarts Manager on the Linux environment.

  1. Run the Smarts Integration adapter client installer. The installer is available in the Adapters directory in the Network Configuration Manager distribution media.

    bash VMware_Smart_Assurance_Manager_Integration_Module_Client_X.X.X.X.XXX_Linux.bin
  2. At the Introduction window, press Enter or click Next.

  3. At the Choose Install Folder window, type:

    For Linux: /opt/InCharge/CONSOLE/smarts/local/actions/client

  4. At the Network Configuration Manager IP Address window, type the IP Address or the fully qualified hostname of the Network Configuration Manager Application server. Press Enter or click Next.

  5. At the Web Browser window, type the full path to a web browser program on this server. Press Enter or click Next.

    For example: If using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, select the default of: /usr/bin/firefox

  6. At the Summary window, review the information, then Press Enter or click Next. The client for the adapter for Smarts installation process begins. After installation, the following message appears: Smarts Manager Integration Module Client has been successfully installed.

    Reinstall the Smarts Manager Integration Module, if:

    • There are errors during the installation

    • Network Configuration Manager needs to be updated.