The PostgreSQL listen addresses are automatically configured by the Network Configuration Manager installer. Use this procedure to manually edit the addresses.


  1. Edit [Product_Directory]/db/controldb/data/postgresql.conf
  2. Locate the line that begins with listen_addresses = (near line 56).
    Remove the leading pound sign, #, to uncomment the line. If the line is commented out, it defaults to listen only on the local loopback address. For example,
    listen_addresses = 'localhost,' # Listen on localhost and
    listen_addresses = '*' # Listen on all addresses
    The list of listen addresses is comma delimited, and it must contain the 'localhost' address at a minimum. The list must be surrounded by single quotes. For example, to listen on all addresses, you can use an asterisk, '*'
  3. Save, and then Close the file.
  4. Stop the Sysadmin service (Linux): service sysadmin stop
  5. Stop the ncm-as service (Linux):
    • Linux: service ncm-as stop
  6. Start the Sysadmin service (Linux): service sysadmin start
  7. Restart the controldb service (Linux):
    • Linux: service controldb restart
  8. Start the ncm-as service (Linux):
    • Linux: service ncm-as start

What to do next

Additional information on the postgresql.conf file can be found at: