The change event log allows you to track events received from devices, based on a date range. The calendar options can be set to Start in the past and End at a future date, or you can look at a specific day, week or month.

The events log lists the contents of the Syslog messages and the SNMP traps received from Managed Devices.

The change event log can be generated to a printable format. The generated format is .html, and opens in a separate browser window.

To review an event log by date range:

  1. On the Servers window, select the Change Event Logtab.

  2. Click the Calendaricon to the right of the Start Date field.

  3. The Select a Date window opens. This calendar allows you to select a date from the current month, or to scroll through the calendar and make a date selection.

  4. Repeat this action for the End Date.

  5. After determining your date range, click Search. The Search Results section of the window refreshes with the requested data.