1. Open a Web browser.


    Disable the Autocomplete browser setting on all browsers.

  2. In the browser Address field, enter the application server URL.

  3. For example,

  4. Click Enter. The Management Console Login window opens.

  5. Enter your User ID. Your User ID is smc-user.

  6. Enter your Password.


    The default System Management Console password is set to 'sysadmin'. To set the password, run the [Product Directory]/tools/password-change.pl utility, and change the password for the 'smc-user' account. For more information on using the password-change.pl utility, refer to the” Changing Passwords in Network Configuration Manager” section in the VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager Installation Guide. Then, select the option for "smc-user" and enter the new password.

  7. Click OK. The System Management Console window opens.


    When logging in for the first time, you are prompted to load the Health Check program. This allows you to select Health Check from a tab within the menu bar, and view the valuable de-bugging information when problems arise.