The security configuration files, clientConnect.conf and serverConnect.conf, located in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf directory of each VMware Smart Assurance software installation, enable you to set up secure connections between the component applications in a Network Protocol Manager deployment. By default, the configuration option settings in the clientConnect.conf file and the serverConnect.conf files enable minimally secure connections between the components.

A Network Protocol Manager deployment that employs secure communications has the following environment variables set to the same value in each component application’s BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/ file:

SM_INCOMING_PROTOCOL=[1,0 or 2,0 or 3,0]
SM_OUTGOING_PROTOCOL=[1,0 or 2,0 or 3,0]

For example:


The VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide presents detailed information about VMware Smart Assurance secure communications.