Before starting the SNMP trap-integration components in a Network Protocol Manager deployment, you must configure them so that they can receive, distribute, and process traps properly at startup.

The configuration steps are:

  • Configure the trap exploder Configure the trap exploder to receive traps from the managed network devices and to distribute BGP and OSPF traps to Network Protocol Manager, network traps to IP Availability Manager, and informational traps to the trap receiver.

  • Configure the built-in trap receivers Configure the built-in trap receivers of Network Protocol Manager and IP Availability Manager to receive the traps forwarded by the trap exploder.

  • Configure the trap receiver Configure the trap receiver to receive the informational traps forwarded by the trap exploder and to convert the traps into VMware Smart Assurance notifications.

  • Configure the Adapter Platform Configure the Adapter Platform to import topology from IP Availability Manager for the purpose of associating VMware Smart Assurance notifications with the appropriate topology objects.