For an IP Availability Manager in a Network Protocol Manager deployment, an administrator performs the standard configuration tasks that are presented in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager documentation to prepare the IP Availability Manager application for SNMP discovery.

The administrator also performs the following additional configuration tasks to prepare IP Availability Manager for operation in a Network Protocol Manager deployment:

  • Enables protocol light discovery (mandatory).

  • Enables overlapping IP address discovery (optional).

  • Creates CLI device-access groups to enable Network Protocol Manager to perform CLI discovery and polling of devices that cannot be discovered or monitored by using SNMP (mandatory if EIGRP- or IS-IS-enabled Cisco devices are to be managed by Network Protocol Manager).

  • Configures SNMP trap integration to distribute network traps to IP Availability Manager (mandatory).

    This chapter provides the background and the instructions for completing all but the last task. The instructions for completing the last task are presented in Chapter 6, “Configuring SNMP Trap Integration.”