In a Network Protocol Manager deployment, you install the following products as services so that the host system automatically starts them as processes that run in the background each time that the system boots:

  • VMware Smart Assurance Broker

  • Network Protocol Manager

  • IP Availability Manager

  • Global Manager

  • Global Console

  • Adapter Platform

  • SNMP Trap Adapter (trap exploder and trap receiver)

    The services for these products are described in detail in the VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Management Suite Installation Guide.

    You cannot install the SNMP Trap Adapter (trap exploder) as a service, but you can use the sm_service command to register this adapter as a service after the installation. This section describes how to create and start a service for the SNMP Trap Adapter that is configured as a trap exploder.


    Typically, in any VMware Smart Assurance deployment, the order in which the applications are started is not important, except that the Broker must be started first.