By default, Network Protocol Manager imports from IP Availability Manager all managed objects. When there is a requirement to build NPM topology for unmanaged objects, use sm_edit to uncomment the following statement in <BASEDIR>/conf/<bgp|isis|ospf|eigrp>/dxa-am.conf:

"peek IsManaged TRUE"  

Uncomment this statement for each unmanaged object you wish to import into Network Protocol Manager.

When an alarm occurs for an object that is managed in Network Protocol Manager but not managed in IP Availability Manager, synchronize the management state of the object by adding this statement in <BASEDIR>conf/<bgp|isis|ospf|eigrp>/dxa-am.conf.

"oper getManagedState setManagedState" 

Changing the management state of session objects is described in Chapter 7, “Managing and Unmanaging Sessions.”