Upon importing Cisco device topology from IP Availability Manager, Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP performs its own discovery on the devices to gather EIGRP topology information. It models this information as logical EIGRP topology objects in its repository, and maps the EIGRP topology to the underlying physical-transport topology discovered by IP Availability Manager.

Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP monitors the availability of the EIGRP objects in its repository by:

  • Subscribing to certain device, card, interface, and network-connection status updates from IP Availability Manager.

  • Monitoring the status of the EIGRP objects through command line interface (CLI) polling.

    Using CLI polling, Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP periodically accesses the EIGRP-enabled Cisco devices through Telnet, SSH1, or SSH2 and executes CLI commands to collect the status information needed to determine the availability of the EIGRP objects.

    CLI polling is controlled through a Polling and Thresholds Console attached to Network Protocol Manager for EIGRP. VMware Smart Assurance Network Protocol Manager Configuration Guide provides information about customizing CLI polling.