The VMware Smart Assurance Adapter for TMF 814 can be configured to run in two modes:

  • As both an Event Adapter and Topology Adapter

    • The TMF 814 Adapter discovers topology and collects events from an element management system (EMS) that manages High Order and Low Order SONET/SDH networks and provides a TMF 814 interface.

  • Only as an Event Adapter

    • The TMF 814 Adapter collects events from an EMS that manages High Order SONET/SDH, Low Order SONET/SDH (PDH), or DWDM networks and provides a TMF 814 interface.


      The adapter does not discover topology for DWDM networks.

      The adapter works in conjunction with the Optical Transport Manager for retrieving and managing EMS data.

      Although the TMF 814 standard specifies a set of programmatic interfaces, actual implementations might not support all of the standard interfaces but instead rely on vendor-specific extensions for TMF 814 support. For these reasons, the Adapter for TMF 814 has generic core functionality, with additional functionality added to support vendor-specific EMSs.


      Contact vmware for customization of the OTM Adapter for TMF814 in support of specific TMF814 compliant optical network devices.