Events flow in the following order:

  1. The Optical Transport Manager Analysis servers register with the EMS (via Notification Server) to receive alarms.

  2. Each EMS publishes events to an event channel

    • When changes occur on managed objects

      • When it receives alarms from network elements

  3. The Adapter for TMF 814 subscribes to these events. When it receives an event, the adapter

    • Normalizes it into the VMware Smart Assurance format

      • Forwards it into the Optical Transport Manager Topology server

  4. The event is forwarded from the Topology server to Analysis server.

  5. The Optical Transport Manager Analysis server

    • Correlates events with objects in the repository

      • Uses events as input for root-cause analysis

  6. Service Assurance Manager (SAM) subscribes to events from the Optical Transport Manager Analysis servers, and

    • Uses events as input for impact analysis

      • Displays events on the Global Console