The OTM object factory API is the direct interface to the OTM Domain Managers for the three OTM domains:


  • Low Order SONET/SDH

  • WDM

    The goal of the API is to facilitate topology creation and modification within the OTM Domain Managers repositories, and setting and clearing attributes as part of alarm and event processing within different OTM Domain Managers.

    The API can be used by:

  • Topology adapters (for example, file topology adapters, TMF814 adapters, and TL1 adapters)

  • Event adapters (for example, TMF814 adapters, TMF854 adapters, and TL1 adapters)

  • Post-processing scripts

    An API can be called from any language that implements supports for API functionality such as C, C++, Java, Perl, or the VMware Smart Assurance Adapter Scripting Language.