A relationship is created or accessed using the arrow operator, “->”.

The following examples illustrate how relationships can be created using VMware Smart Assurance ASL language when the relationships are not automatically created or available from the APIs.

Hocct -> LayeredOver = Hotrail1;
Hocct -> LayeredOver += Hotrail2;
Hotrail1 -> LayeredOver = tlg1;
Hotrail1 -> LayeredOver += tl1;

The following example illustrates how the objects involved in a relationship can be obtained after the relationship is created using VMware Smart Assurance ASL language.

hoTrailList = list(); hoTrailList = Hocct -> LayeredOver;

This populates the list “hoTrailList” with a list of objects “Underlying” the object “Hocct.” “Hocct” is of type HighOrder_Circuit and its “Underlying” objects are of type HighOrder_Trail. “Underlying” is the reverse relationship of “LayeredOver.”