The Optical Transport Management Suite includes the following components:

  • Optical Transport Manager

    Optical Transport Manager consists of four domain managers: SONET/SDH, WDM, low Order SONET/SDH (also referred to as PDH), and the Next Generation WDM (WDM-NG) server. The first three domain servers are split into two functional servers: Topology and Analysis. The WDM-NG server works with EMC M&R to collect data from EMS systems that support TMF 864. Both topology and analysis functions are combined in the WDM-NG server.

  • XD Manager OTM to IP

    The XD Manager OTM to IP cross-correlates root-cause and impact analysis between a managed optical domain and the IP network. The XD Manager OTM to IP is described in the VMware Smart Assurance XD Manager for OTM to IP User Guide.