The term Optical Transport Manager is used when referring to functionality that is common to the Domain Managers:

  • Optical Transport Manager for SONET/SDH

  • Optical Transport Manager for PDH (low order SONET/SDH)

  • Optical Transport Manager for WDM

  • Optical Transport Manager for WM-NG

    The functions of SONET/SDH, PDH, and WDM Domain Managers are divided between two servers:

  • Topology Server

  • Analysis Server


    Currently only one Topology Server with one Analysis Server is supported for SONET/SDH, PDH, and WDM. Splitting these functions allows the OTM Domain Servers to improve scalability to larger optical networks.

    The topology and analysis functions are combined in the WDM-NG server. WDM-NG works with the SolutionPack for Optical Wavelength Services and the EMC M&R platform to collect data from EMS systems that support TMF 864. The SolutionPack for Optical Wavelength Services Summary Sheet article provides more information.

    In addition to the Domain Managers, VMware Smart Assurance Optical Transport Management Suite works in conjunction with:

  • XD Manager OTM to IP

  • Global Manager and Global Console, both part of the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager.

  • EMC M&R, the SolutionPacks for Optical Wavelength Services, and the SolutionPack for VMware Smart Assurance.

    This section describes in more detail the functions of the various components of VMware Smart Assurance Optical Transport Management Suite.