The Optical Transport Manager collects and builds the optical network topology while the IP Manager collects and builds the IP network topology. In order to build the cross-domain topology, XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM must be provided data relating customer circuits in the SDH, PDH and WDM domains to connections between Routers and Switches in the IP domain.

The data must specify Circuit information from OTM and related IP connection information from IP. The Circuit information may be specified in different ways including the Circuit name, and PTPs for the Circuit. The IP connection information includes the Routers, Switches and Interfaces or Ports connected to the Optical Circuit.

The XD Topology Adapter uses this data to import topology from Optical Transport Manager and IP Manager only for the above objects. Figure 2-1 Objects imported into XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM shows the topology imported into the XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM.

Figure 1. Objects imported into XD Manager OTM-to-IP AM

The data collected from Optical Transport Manager is:

  • The Circuit object

  • The DropSideToplogicalLinks (for SDH, PDH, and WDM-NG)

  • The edge FiberLinks (for WDM)

    The data collected from IP Manager is:

  • The connections between the Router Interfaces or Switches, which may be NetworkConnections, Cables, or TrunkCables.

  • The Interfaces or Ports connected to the NetworkConnection or Cable

    • If applicable, a physical port or interface may be underlying the interface or port connected to the network connection

  • The Cards realizing the Interfaces or Ports

  • The Router or Switch containing the Interfaces, Ports, Cards