If you did not install XD Manager OTM to IP as a service when you installed the VMware Smart Assurance products suite, you may install the service manually. When installed as a service, it will start automatically upon system reboot; if not installed as a service you can issue a command to start and stop it as necessary.

VMware, Inc. recommends that VMware Smart Assurance products be installed as services whenever possible. Typical reasons to install products as services include the following conditions:

  • During installation of the suite, you choose to start product components manually and now want to run the components as services.

  • Multiple instances of a single product component running as a service are required. During installation, you can install only a single instance of a product component as a service.

    To manually install a product as a service, use the sm_service installcommand with the appropriate set of options.

    The VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide provides a complete description of the command syntax.


    If you are running one instance of the OTM-XD server, the configuration file installed by default is for use with the OTM SONET servers (OTM-SDH / OTM-PDH). If the OTM-XD server is being configured for OTM-WDM to either run independent of the OTM-XD server or with the OTM SONET server, then a change in the configuration file is needed. When invoking the sm_service startup command, you must change the --config parameter. See “Setting up two XD Manager for OTM to IP servers” on page 42.)

    t/opt/InCharge/otm/smarts/bin/sm_service install 
     --description="VMware Smart Assurance OTM IP XD Server"
     --output s

    ts indicates that this command must be typed as one line.