The OTM Circuit information in the topology data file, may be specified in several different formats. The formats are the following and are evaluated in the order listed:

  1. Circuit-Name, field 19. If this is specified, fields 3 - 16 values are ignored.

  2. CTP instance names – A-ONE-CTP, field 9 and Z-ONE-CTP, field 16, contain CTP instance names starting with a “CTP-” prefix. Fields 3-8, and 10-15 values are ignored.

  3. PTP instance names – A-ONE-PTP, field 8 and Z-ONE-CTP, field 15, contain PTP instance names starting with a “PTP-” prefix. Fields 3-7, 9-14, and 16 values are ignored.

  4. Rack, Shelf and Slot numbers – A-ONE-Rack, Shelf, Slot, fields 4-6, and Z-ONE-Rack, Shelf, and Slot, fields 11-13. (A-ONE-SubSlot and Z-ONE-SubSlot are optional.)

  5. CTP AID – A-ONE-CTP, field 9, for AID string.

  6. PTP AID – A-ONE-PTP, field 8, for AID string.