Initially, during topology creation, the XD Manager OTM to IP creates proxy object instances corresponding to object instances in the Optical Transport Manager and in the IP Manager. In this example we show a TopologicalLink Down problem in Optical Transport Manager impacting a NetworkConnection in the IP network.

The XD Manager OTM to IP imports OTM and IP technology related to the Circuit and NetworkConnection including the Circuit, NetworkConnection, Routers, Cards, and Interfaces. XD Manager OTM to IP also creates relationships between the Optical topology and the IP topology, such as a NetworkConnection is LayeredOver a Circuit.

In the example shown in Figure 1-3, a failure in the Optical network causes a failure in the ability to communicate between two IP Routers. In order for XD Manager OTM to IP to perform analysis, it monitors events in OTM and IP domains via remote instrumentation. In this case, OTM notifies TopologicalLink Down, and Circuit ServiceUnavailable. IP notifies NetworkConnection Down. XD Manager OTM to IP receives these events and determines the true root cause. It determines that TopologicalLink Down in OTM causes the NetworkConnection Down in IP and provides this to SAM. As a result, SAM shows the root cause as TopologicalLink Down, and an impact of NetworkConnection Down and Circuit ServiceUnavailalble.

Figure 1. Cross-domain analysis example