During an upgrade installation, the installation program performs the following tasks:

  1. All the smarts services needs to be stopped before upgrade or new installation. Use sm_service command to stop the services manually.

    ./sm_service stop <SERVICE NAME>

  2. Creates a backup copy of your customizations in the <BASEDIR>/smarts/.migrate.bkp.<version> directory.

  3. Removes the patch, if any, from the existing installation.

  4. Installs the software.

  5. Prompts you to merge your customizations files in the BASEDIR>/smarts/.migrate.bkp.<version> directory to the BASEDIR/smarts/local directory.

Note: If the broker is running on the host with a IP Manager, then it will have to be stopped during an upgrade. The broker has to be stopped to prevent the impact on all the other applications running on the system.