Perform these steps to troubleshoot the issue connections cannot be established with Smarts Tomcat Service:


  1. Login to the machine where Smarts Presentation SAM is installed and check the status of tomcat service.
  2. Verify if the Smarts Tomcat Service is available and running.
    Ensure the service is listening on port 8080(HTTP) or 8443(HTTPS).
  3. If the Smarts Tomcat Service is running and listening on port 8080(HTTP) or 8443(HTTPS), execute below command on the machine where EPS(eventstore) is installed. Ensure the command executes successfully.
    1. For HTTP, curl http://<SAM IP:8080>/smarts-edaa/msa/INCHARGE-SA-PRES/instances/ICS_User::ICS-User-admin/relationships/MemberOf?alt=json.
    2. For HTTPS, curl --cacert <SAM Cert file> https://<SAM IP:8443>/smarts-edaa/msa/INCHARGE-SA-PRES/instances/ICS_User::ICS-User-admin/relationships/MemberOf?alt=json.
    Note: Make sure latest version of curl is installed in the machine.