Redis Authentication is enabled for Eventstore mainly to make it secure and to reduce the vulnerability. The topic consists of:

  • Post Installation of Redis Enabling the Authentication.
  • Create Redis Cluster without replication and with authentication.
  • Adding secondary to primary.


  1. Post Installation of Redis type the below commands to enable the Authentication:

    vi /path/to/redis.conf

    replace 'requirepass <password>' with your password

    replace 'masterauth <password>' with your password

    Note: Perform above config changes in all Redis instances and restart all Redis instances.
  2. Create Redis cluster without replication with authentication.

    Example: For a 3 node cluster with three primary, below is the command:

    ./redis-cli --cluster create <redis-server-ip-1>:<port> <redis-server-ip-2>:<port> <redis-server-ip-3>:<port> -a <password>

  3. Add the secondary to primary, below is the command:
    ./ redis-cli --cluster add-node <redis-slave> <redis-master> --cluster-slave -a <password>
    Note: Execute above command to associate secondary node with each primary node.