This section details about the upgradation procedure of DCF in Graphical Mode.


  1. Download the installer package SA-10.1-dcf- from
  2. Ensure to stop all programs before you start the installation.


  1. To run the installer in console based installer mode, type the command.
    ./SA-10.1-dcf- -i gui
  2. Press Enter to continue.
    License agreement prompt appears.
  3. Select the checkbox I agree to the terms of the License agreement and click Next.
    Installer prompts to choose an install folder.
  4. Specify the directory to install DCF when installer prompts, or else press Enter to accept the default folder.
    Default installation folder is /opt/DCF
    Note: If the target directory already contains an existing DCF installation, then it upgrades, else fresh installation takes place.
  5. Verify Pre-Installation Summary before moving ahead with the installation.
  6. Click Done to exit the installer when Install Completed message displays.