This section illustrates the DCF upgradation procedure in unattended (Silent) mode that is upgradation without user input.


  1. When DCF base install location is /opt/DCF, type the setup command syntax:./SA-10.1-dcf- -i silent and press Enter.
  2. If the base install location is different from /opt/DCF, specify the location of the product suite to be upgraded in properties file.
    For example, specify the directory as:
    USER_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/DCF1 in “” .
  3. To create file, execute the command:
  4. Provide the path to file.
    Note: If it is not present in the DCF binary location, execute the command:
    Product Name:
    Install Folder:
    ./SA-10.1-dcf- -i silent -f
    Note: Ensure to update the file with DCF base directory <DCF_Install_DIRECTORY> correctly. Else a fresh installation will take place at the new location causing two DCF instances.