This section describes how to enable KPI Designer in UI.

To enable KPI Designer in UI:

  1. Logout from UI
  2. Stop httpd service

    service httpd stop

  3. Edit /var/www/html/smarts-ui-app/assets/config/config.json file
    	"KPI": {
            	       "Enabled": false
    	"KPI": {
                       "Enabled": true
  4. Edit <UI-InstallDir>/smarts-ui/config/smartsui-vhosts.conf

    Add following 2 lines after the line "ProxyPassReverse /logout<AuthPort>/logout"

    1. ProxyPass /k4m http://<KPI IP Address>:<Port> connectiontimeout=5 timeout=120
    2. ProxyPassReverse /k4m http://<KPI IP Address>:<Port>
  5. Start httpd service

    service httpd start