As part of an effort to improve its product lines, VMware periodically releases revisions of its software and hardware. Therefore, some functions described in this document might not be supported by all versions of the software or hardware currently in use. The product release notes provide the most up-to-date information on product features.

Intended Audience

The VMware Smart Assurance DCF and EPS API implements the Application Programmer Interface (API) used to develop applications. It enables Software Development Kit (SDK) users to build systems that apply functionality to unique user requirements. These applications can be adapters that make the states of external devices and systems available to the VMware Smart Assurance system or remote client applications that extend Smart Assurance services to other client applications, such as Network Management systems.

This information is intended for anyone who wants to install and upgrade Smart Assurance products. The information is written for experienced system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and datacenter operations.

This document is intended for software developers implementing subscription and adapter applications that involve the core event correlation, repository, and notification services of a Smart Assurance.

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