Warning for management n/w redundancy

Host currently has no management network redundancy. This message is displayed if the network redundancy configuration within theService Console/VMkernel Port Management Network is incorrect. To prevent this message from appearing, and to comply with proper network redundancy. For resolving the warnings regarding management network redundancy, we need to configure management network redundancy for each host in the cluster.

Workaround : On each host ensure management/vMotion is enable for the vmkernel adapters. Follow below steps:
  1. Go to each ESX servers.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Edit vmkernel adapters.
  4. Edit management network.
  5. Ensure management(as well vmotion) are checked out.
  6. Click ok to save the changes.

Warning for number of heartbeat datastores

The number of heartbeat datastores for host is 1, which is less than required: 2

Workaround : This issue occurs if there is no redundancy in shared storage to allow for datastore heartbeating. vSphere HA requires a minimum of two shared datastores shared between all hosts in a cluster for proper datastore heartbeat detection to function.

For resolving this issue, Go to vSphere HA advanced options and set das.ignoreInsufficientHbDatastore to true. For detailed information, follow the kb article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2004739
Note: For troubleshooting other issues refer vSphere Guides.