Server Tools are executed by the Global Manager and are available to any console that attaches to the Global Manager. Server Tool is a program that you can invoke in response to a notification or for a topology element. Such an action might be to ping or to Telnet to the affected system or to open a trouble ticket for a specific notification. You can configure tools for server or client execution. For example, opening trouble ticket, ping or telnet the interface. Below two are the examples:


  1. Sample – Open Trouble Ticket: Sample – Open Trouble Ticket directs to open a ticket with the resolver team.
    1. Click Notification.
    2. Click Server Tools Option.
    3. Click Sample – Open Trouble Ticket.
  2. Sample – Ping-Interface: Sample – Ping-Interface initiates ping for the respective host interface or device.
    1. Click Notification
    2. Click Server Tools Option.
    3. Click Sample – Ping-Interface.