View Details tab displays object’s history, causes, caused by and their corresponding values relevant to the Notification.


  1. Select Notification.
  2. Click View Details.
    Notification Detail window appears, with Notification, Details and Audit log tabs.
    In the Notification tab there are four options available.
    1. Notification: In the Notification tab there are four options available:
      1. History: Displays the previous records and the occurrence of notification during a time period.
      2. Selected: Displays selected notification.
      3. Caused By: Displays the events that are causing the selected notification. It also displays the objects where the events occur.
      4. Causes: Selected notification shows the impact.
    2. Details: Provides the detailed report about the Notifications.
    3. Audit Log: The Audit Log tab displays the audit trail for the selected notification.