The Syslog Adapter tails and parses the contents of any system log file and generates notifications to the Global Manager based on the file contents.

You start the adapter by invoking the sm_service command. For example:

InCharge/SAM/smarts/bin>sm_service start ic-syslog-adapter

First the syslog_mgr.asl file parses each syslog message and populates the input variables. Then the my_hook_syslog.asl gets executed. This script first populates the notification attribute output variables by using the default values. It then uses the MODIFY_ATTRIBUTES rule to set additional attributes defined and potentially modify (overriding) any default attribute values. This is how the Service Assurance notification gets created by the Syslog Adapter.

Before you configure the Syslog Adapter, identify the location of the SYSFILE you want the adapter to tail and parse and ensure that sm_service install command line for the ic-syslog-adapter identifies this location. You must also ensure that the file format of the Syslog exactly matches the format described in the following sections.