To configure the trap receiver to listen for traps, edit the trapd.conf file. There are multiple trapd.conf files shipped with the VMware Smart Assurance product s. GUID-BD9A798B-ECD1-4BBB-8D55-386E9CDBECDE.html#GUID-BD9A798B-ECD1-4BBB-8D55-386E9CDBECDE___OPENINTCONFIG_SNMPTRAP_59549 lists and describes the parameters in the trapd.conf file.

To determine which trapd.conf file to edit depends upon your deployment scenario:

  • For Scenario 1 (single trap receiver), edit InCharge/SAM/smarts/conf/icoi/trapd.conf. For example, to forward traps to the IP Availability Manager, remove the # to uncomment the FORWARD line:

    # Traps required by InCharge IP Availability Manager (AM)
    # Generic: coldStart, warmStart, LinkUp, LinkDown
    # FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * host:port
    For example:
    FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * AM_HOST-NAME:AM-PORT
  • For Scenario 2 (one trap exploder and one trap receiver), edit:

    FORWARD: *.*.*.* .* <0-3> * AM_HOST-NAME:AM-PORT