The Document Type Definition (DTD) defines the building blocks of the XML document structure. It provides a list of allowable elements that can be used in the XML file. XML tags are formally described in this document. The DTD is declared as an external document.

Attributes are used to associate name-value pairs within elements. Attributes may appear only within open tags of the element. Attribute-list declarations in the DTD are used to define the set of attributes pertaining to a given element type or to provide default values for attributes.

The type of information associated with the source objects must be identical to the information associated with objects in the repository. For example, to import objects from an existing data source, ensure that the data source and the target repository database contain the same information in the same format, prior to importing. If the information models do not correspond exactly, you will lose data. The DTD specification is a guide to correctly map your data to objects to the repository.

ICIM/XML DTD specification on page 30 contains detailed ICIM/SML DTD information.