VMware Smart Assurance software is designed to first search for user modifiable files in BASEDIR/smarts/local or one of its subdirectories. If a modified version of a file is not found in the local area, VMware Smart Assurance software then searches appropriate nonlocal directories.

To facilitate proper file editing, VMware, Inc. provides the sm_edit utility with every VMware Smart Assurance products. When used to modify an original version of a file, this utility automatically creates a local copy of the file and places it in the appropriate location under BASEDIR/smarts/local. This ensures that the original version of the file remains unchanged. You can invoke sm_edit from the command line.

To invoke the sm_edit utility from the command line, specify the path and the name of the file to edit under BASEDIR/smarts. If multiple VMware Smart Assurance products are running on the same host, invoke sm_edit from the bin directory of the product with the files to edit.