Applies to the SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter.

When the SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter starts and connects to the VMware Manager and does not send the SNMP Traps, the issue is usually the format of the parameter Destinations.

The parameter, Destinations, is a table that contains the SNMP trap destinations. Each row in the table is surrounded by curly braces and consists of three different values: hostname or IP address, port number, and SNMP version. The values are separated by commas. There are two valid values for SNMP version: V1 and V2C. These values and the values for host name or IP address must be surrounded by quotation marks. The port number is an integer value with no quotation marks.

Each row in the table is separated from the next by a comma. Place a comma after the curly brace that marks the end of each row in the table except for the last. An outer set of curly braces defines the entire table.

For example, the Destinations parameter could appear as follows:

Destinations = {
                 {"localhost", 162, "V1"},
                 {"other-host", 30162, "V2C"},
                 {"",21539, "V2C"}