To add the BIM Domain in the avaialable Domains:

  1. In VMware Smart Assurance Global Console , select Configure > Global Manager Administration Console.

  2. In the Global Manager Administration Console, expand INCHARGE-SA (SAM Server)> ICS Configuration > IC Domain Configuration > Domains.

  3. Right-click Domains > New Domain. The Domain Creation Wizard appears.

    Figure 1. Global Administartion Console for creating a new domain
  4. In the Domain Creation Wizard, type INCHARGE-MBIM as Domain Name.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select Select Existing Type.

  7. Select INCHARGE-SAM-MBIM-SUITE from the Select Type list box.

    Figure 2. Domain Creation Wizard for Select Existing Type
  8. Click Launch Server Reconfiguration to reconfigure SAM.