When you modify the content of a text service import datafile, a text group import datafile, or an XML service-group import datafile that has already been loaded by the source Global Manager, you must issue a dmctl command to force the Global Manager to reload the elements defined in the service and group import datafiles. The dmctl command invokes a driver that loads the elements defined in these datafiles.

To reload business service and hierarchical group elements:

  1. In the installation area from which the source Global Manager is invoked, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and type the following command on one line:

                   tl -s <
                   Global Manager name
                      invoke GA_DaemonDriver::ICS-Group-Driver start
                   dmctl -s INCHARGE-SA invoke 
                      GA_DaemonDriver::ICS-Group-Driver start
  2. If prompted for a username and password, specify your user account; for example, to specify the default administrative account, enter username admin and password changeme.

    Each time a service/group import datafile is reloaded, the new definition set replaces the current one. Any eliminated definition from a service/group import datafile will remove that definition from the Global Manager’s repository.

    Reimporting affects the elements or relationships previously created by a service/group data import; it does not affect the elements or relationships created using the Topology Builder Console.