The IsA Filter option is available for filtering the notification log and summary views on clients whether or not the Global Manager supports it, because the filtering is performed by the client. The option is only available for Notification List and Escalation filtering on the server if the server supports it; this is because the filtering is on the server.

The IsA filter option, displayed as is child of, only appears for notification attributes that have a class name for their value, including:

  • Class

  • ClassName

  • ElementClass

    To create an IsA filter for one of these notification attributes:

    1. Select the class and the is child of option from the pull-down menus.

    2. Click OK to apply your filter and exit the dialog box.

      The Notification Log Console then displays only those notifications for instances of the specified class and its subclasses.


      Only a single class name, without any wildcard characters of any kind, may be specified for an IsA filter.

      For example, if IsA filter is used and based on the RedundancyGroup class, the notification log would display only all notifications related to instances of the following:

  • WebServerRedundancyGroup

  • DatabaseRedundancyGroup

  • OracleRAC

  • ApplicationServerRedundancyGroup

  • WebSphereCluster