To insert escalation levels in a path:

  1. For a disabled path, select the level (or Path End box) that will follow the new level. The selected level or box changes color to indicate that is selected.

  2. Right-click to display the Path menu.

  3. Select Level > Insert.

    The Insert Level dialog box appears.

  4. Type the Duration and select the units from the list box.

  5. Select any quantity or combination of tools from the Available Tools list.


    If a tool is not available, create the tool by clicking Tool Wizard. Chapter 8, “Tool Configuration for the Global Manager,” includes information on creating automated tool.

  6. Click ¬ ( left arrow) to move the selected tools to the Invoked Tools list.

  7. Click OK to close the Insert Level dialog box. The level appears in the path.

  8. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to add additional levels up to a total of six levels.


    Remember that new levels are always inserted in front of the selected level.

  9. When your path is complete, click Apply to send the changes to the Global Manager.

    You can now enable the path. “Enable an escalation path” on page 169 provides detailed information on enabling paths.